The Rouge Review 19th March 2012

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In Dolly Rouge land last week we’ve had some ups and some downs. Rachelle had a ball at the Vichy loves Bloggers event, whereas Kat found out that she needs to have all her wisdom teeth extracted under the knife. Life eh? But no matter what it throws at us we just keep on bloggin’!


This week for the Rouge Review, we’re giving some link love to Irish bloggers that we haven’t featured before. Be sure to check these lovely ladies out!


A great week’s blogging ladies, bualadh bos! Is there anyone we’ve missed who would like a mention? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Caroline

    Thank you so much for the mention! I was absolutely delighted to see it as am very new to blogging ;) Looking forward to an afternoon spent reading all the other posts! x

    • Dolly Rouge

      Hurray, glad it made you happy! We all have to start somewere, sure we’re only going about 6 months. Keep up the great work! x

  • Anonymous

    Wow Thank you so much for linking, that’s really sweet of you!

    • Dolly Rouge

      Heh, no problemo at all, really enjoying your blog! x

  • Makeup For Dolls

    Thank you so much for the include!!! Xx

  • SleepingBootay

    Oh wow thank you so so much for the mention! :) Really enjoying your blog! Keep the posts coming! :)

  • Hilary Carlotta H

    love this!

  • H @ makeupanonymous

    Thanks so much for the mention! Love these posts! :) x

  • Ciara allen Makeup Artist

    Thanks a million for the mention ladies,x

  • Phaedria

    Thank you for the mention :) Phaedria xx

  • Makeupartistdani

    Thank you so much for the link. It’s only by chance I even saw it!
    You should have let me know :)

  • corinna nina

    Thank you so much for the mention :) :) i only came across it now :)

  • Sleepingbootay

    Thank you so much for featuring me and my ol’ blog! So sweet! I’m all smiley now! Thanks girl! Love reading your blog as always! :)