No. 7 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil – Lol No!

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Boots say, “Give yourself an indulgent start to the day with this luxurious foaming shower oil. With a combination of nourishing Argan and hydrating Grapeseed oils, and packed with omega 6 and 9, this gentle foaming oil transforms your everyday shower into a spa experience in the comfort of your own home, conditioning the skin as it softly cleans and moisturises. The silky lather gently cleanses the skin leaving it feeling soft, supple and hydrated all day long.”
I say, “Lies! All lies!”
No. 7 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil doesn’t live up to its name in any way, shape or form. The evocative description certainly sets it up for a fall also. You see, this product is far from luxurious and it neither foams nor moisturises. You’ll need to drown a shower puff with product to get any sort of lather. Not that it’ll do you any favours, as you’ll be slathering yourself with what smells like cheap detergent. I tried adding most of two bottles of rose and lavender essential oils to salvage it, but the stink didn’t budge! The bottle has been sitting in my family’s shower for over a year now, and even with two men in the house who would wash themselves with Fairy liquid, there’s nary a drop of it used.

I’d actually forgotten about it, until one day I was domestic goddessing, freshening the curtains up with Lidl’s I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Febreeze. The (not particularly nice) scent reminded me of something. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first, but having a shower later that day it came back to me.
No. 7 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil = Lidl W5 Fabric Freshener.
Luxurious? Bwahahahahaha! A rip off at €12.95. Instead, get yourself Rituals Yogi Flow Shower Foam, which actually does everything the pretender claims, while smelling divine. And you’ll be left with €5 change too.

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