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Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss From Dusk Till Dawn Massage Bar

Is anyone in the mood for lurve? Or are we all a bit bah humbug about the Hallmark holiday? To be honest, even though it is a totally commercial day, Valentine’s does have its uses – it can make you look at your relationship with appreciation, or identify the flaws and cracks within. So I for one welcome the phoney celebration as sort of a relationship NCT/MOT if you will. If nothing else, having the above goodies land on my desk it made me realise it’s been far too long since me and my other half indulged in some massage therapy. So last night, after a lovely meal, we went at it with gusto. Hush you dirtburds!

Lush From Dusk Till Dawn The Kiss Swatches Review

From Dusk Til Dawn is a new massage bar from Lush, just released for the season of love. Designed to really rev your engine, it contains ginseng, guarana and ginko powders (herbal extracts renowned for boosting energy) along with an invigorating blend of lemon and orange oil. If this doesn’t get you going, nothing will. We can certainly attest to its powers of revitalisation, as after a long day of work and a four course meal, we still had enough vim to keep the party going late into the night. Waking up with deliciously soft skin thanks to being rubbed with gorgeous cocoa, shea and illipe butters was a wonderful side effect. I was also quite literally left glowing thanks to the inclusion of gold shimmer at the tip of the bar. I can’t help but think that Lush should make this massage bar a permanent fixture, as just imagine how lovely it would be to smooth this over tanned skin during summer? Mmm… My other half wasn’t quite so delighted at being turned into a glistening god however!


The Kiss Lip Gloss is another addition to the range just for love day, a pink shimmery tint which tastes as sweet as it looks. Thanks to shea butter and almond oil your lips will be ripe for kissing, and agave syrup will keep him coming back for more. My other half gives this stuff two (shimmery) thumbs up!


Do you think Valentine’s novelty products are a waste of money? Or do you throw yourself into the spirit of things? Let me know what you got up to (just keep the sordid details to yourself ;) )!

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  • http://www.thefemininecrusade.com/ Shang J.

    The lip gloss packaging is so cute. Perfect for vday. ^_^

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